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Green Trust Cash Ruined Rural Economy - Renaissance Of Farmers Part - 12

Green Trust Cash Ruined Rural Economy - Renaissance Of Farmers Part - 12

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My dearest, Ezine readers encouraged with your response, I would be analyzing about the bad effects of MM - PC bank loans what I termed as Debt Loan Death Trap (DLDT) of Government of India's Economic Think Tank (ETT) vision. It has already sent over 3000 farmers to gallows. Unfortunately, most of the Asian farmers in general and Indians in particular, have never realized that the vague Creamy Layers of Promises, Assurances and Dreams (CLOPAD) of Indian banks and all government officials are going to cause insurmountable problems for them. Simple and pious farmers never realized that the hidden loan rates are not only going to snatch away their meager land holdings but also going to make their future generations land less. Had the long term effects of these DLDT schemes were well defined and publicized before releasing loans, probably no farmer would have either taken the loan or committed suicide.

On 25 April 2007, once an Indian farmer had openly committed suicide in his fields, the fields for which he sweated out his entire life in cultivating and irrigating; but today he has to commit suicide in the same fields due to Creamy Layers of Promises, Assurances and Dreams of bad government policies. How poor farmer dies is too hoot to Indian official and political leaders but our mentor abroad should not be hurt. Wherever, a farmer has committed suicide, he had made numerous attempts to settle his green trust cash direct lender no credit check loans to save his meager land holdings but the corrupt officials had always created insurmountable hurdles to clear his dues. Most of the farmers; when found that they can not save their land from forced grabbing by Banks, what I term is that; they "Hanged Till Death" (HID).

How pathetic it is that the farmer who feeds the nation dies of hunger of injustice and corrupt peoples apathy in India and world over? During my study of a large segment of farming sector, I found out that most of the farmers were not briefed properly by the bank and government officials. The poor, illiterate and uneducated farmers were victimized by various Banks to win the national awards for disbursing maximum green trust cash installment loans provider. To achieve various green trust cash short term loans not brokers disbursement targets, the bank officials adopted all means of luring farmers to show Indian ETT that farming economy is going to bloom. This how Indian farmers are being victimized, what is happening in other Asian countries needs detailed study?

After analyzing the psychic of Indian ETT and MM - PC brain ripples, I would like to open out the following points for debates:

· Firstly; why had agricultural sectors of Asian countries in generally and India in particular recorded a sharp down swing trend in crop cultivations?

· Secondly; how have farmers been lured in DLDT concept of mythical economic development plans?

· Thirdly; why are governments not addressing the declining crop production?

· Fourthly; why do governments not making an endeavor to encourage home farming sector rather indulging in import of food grains?

· Five; why have governments failed to give enough impetus to farming sector?

Reader would share my views that the present ETT negligent approach of basic

agro sector in India has resulted in sky rocking price hike graphs. Though the five star culture of bureaucrats and politician has not been affected much but a common man has come to streets.

While a common man, trying to meet the requirement of two times meals for his

family, has become a heart patient, but our foreign educated and foreign return leaders are growing fatter and fatter. These leaders have not even given a thought of reviving our declining farming sector. How briskly these leaders rush and run on the stair cases of parliament can be gauged from the irresponsible thinking of them while planning the economy? There is an urgent need for our leaders to look beyond the Black Glasses of Corruption (BGC). Is it possible to remove corruption when germs of corruption are flowing in our blood?

I have been going through large number of articles on farming sectors, but I would say that one model of growth in any country can not be uniformly applied in other country. I have observed that various Western nations have developed different models to increase agro products but Asian nations are trying to copy some of them without much success. Though the ever growing sugar demand has made Brazil world famous on one side, the rubber has taken Myanmar in the world market not by chance but through systematic and planned growth on other.

The biggest curse on Asian farmers has fallen from the Ghost of Intellectual Property Right Order (GIPRO) of seeds of various crops of Western nations Fox tirade after World Trade meets. As most of the varieties of crops seeds were patronized by the Americans and European the Asians were left only to pay. These patent rights were not patronized by the farmers but the firms and individual who framed patent rules to exploit poor nation. The Asian nations in the race to get World Bank Loans and please some Western nations have sacrificed their farmers. Though some of the Asian nations have taken the strong steps to protect their farmers but most of them succumbed to World Banks loan trade tricks in long run. The introduction of GIPRO in India has caused severe set back to Indian traditional farming methods. What to talk of other nations, nearly seven types of original species of food grains of wheat, rice, sugarcane, maize and pulses have vanished from India only.

After debating in detail about the problems of farmers and various causes of declining farming sectors, I would suggest that:

  • One; all Asian countries government should do away with the Western Concept of Loan and Debt Economy (CLDE).
  • Two; provide free seeds and fertilizes for farmers having less than five acres of land;
  • Three; organize community based local service sectors;
  • Four; create local area markets to on my P cube economic model of Procure, Pack and Parcel (PPP) of crops with in ten kilometer of area for a farmer to sell his products;
  • Five; Create to provide agro machines on Community Agro Based Stores (CABS) system of mine to facilitate small farmers cultivation and harvesting of crop having up to five acres of land on minimum charges;
  • Six; provide expert advice to farmers on new and innovative techniques of farming and not sitting in television chat shows and talk without effect. The various my nick named BWE, Book Worm Expert should visit to help farmers at the time of sowing season.
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  • Seven; provide various pesticide and insecticides to small farmers on subsidies rates and not the inflated rated of over rupees 10000 to rupees 12,000 a kilogram. So far I have failed to analyzed as to when every raw material is available in this country than why a ten gram tube of insecticides cost over rupees 135?
  • Eight; create National Crop Calamity Damage Assessment and Relief Committees (NCC-DARC) in each block and district rather than every time forming a national bunch of corrupt people having doubtful integrity and loyalty to visit and assess. A large number of farmers suffer years after years for relief. The cases of misappropriation of relief like can be checked and avoided;
  • Nine; divide the entire country in to Crop Based Agro Production Zones (CBAPZ) to encourage development of Specialized Economic Zones (SEZ). What I intent to say that if a states soil is suitable for sugarcane production, then all other states adjoining the state can be identified and encouraged to grow and cultivate sugar. After identifying a large area for sugarcane productions, now create SEZ for various industries for making sugar, molasses, wines and breweries, card and paper mills and others can be located with in a days turn round of products. It is exactly what I discussed as Kalpna's Economic Environment Loop (KEEL). Why should not a state prosperous after such set up?
  • Tenth; at the end I would suggest to create Services on the principles of Service at Door Step (SADS) and not like clerks sitting in air conditioned rooms to delay every file without under hand weight increase.
I have been by and large associated with farming for more than four decades; I hope my views and models of encouraging agro sectors would be a viable option for various governments to apply. I have been involved in saving farmers lives and hope that Indian government ETT would review the needs of modern farming techniques and old farming methods of enhancing agro products.

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I, S Kalpna Sharma, am a freelance journalist who frequently write on various issues relating human values. My impetus of debate has been always focused on current issues which affect human beings life and social behavior. As always try to bring out debates on human values, my readers support base become large.


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