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Does my car insurance still cover damages?

Does my car insurance still cover damages?

So I was driving my mothers car and turn left at a green arrow light .. As I'm turning at the corner another car comes out and hits the car she doesn't put a blinker on she just vears into my line automatically right when I had turn.. Now my mother has insurance on the car but I'm not the one insured so my names not on it but i do have a liscense..They had to tow the car .. Now will my mothers insurance still cover the car damages even if I was still driving? .. The other lady was at fault Shes the one who got a ticket but I diddnt..and her insurance was expired. So even though I'm not insured but the car Is will the insurance still be able to fix the car? Let me know how this works thanks. would recommend one to try this web site where you can compare quotes from the best companies: "When medical health insurance corporation will not protect surgery what direction to go?" We just recently got medical insurance a couple weeks before. My partner is scheduled for surgery and was diagnosed with a dual inguinal hernia yesterday. The surgery. will not be covered by our insurance carrier, They said that hernia surgery includes a 6 month waiting time and he can not wait another week let alone six months. They'll only protect it when it is a lifestyle or demise situation.I could get him back out for the IM, but whois to express that they will state that it's an emergency and take action within 24 hours? I place a callin towards the school funding consultant to find out about receiving help with the surgery statement, though we are probably planning to be unable to pay massive amounts of money. Is there any insurance providers we can sign up for be ready to have him obtain the surgery and to be able to have medical insurance? Or is there whatever else we could do? We are not eligible for MDCD, currently attempted that!! Please help with any ideas." Question about Bike insurance? If your motorcycle crash solo may your insurance policy the problems" How much more will the insurance go up? From Ford Ranger to Honda Mustang.? Dad was seen by me right a search for my ranger to the insurance place for $75. im about to get yourself a 2003 mustang. How much can it charge for that on estimation merely it'll and responsibility be on my parents insurance? Im 16 year old male having a 3.0 gpa. I've my own career too. Purchasing a property in south caroline? Only wished to understand if Conway is nearby the Myrtle beach airport and just how much it's from the beach. Howmuch is property tax to get a home 000 to 200, for approximately 100,000? Any kind of marina's close to Conway? Is there a city pay duty on money? Just how much is auto insurance? We reside in philadelphia and so are fed up with the region and also the high-cost of dwelling. Cheers, Jeanete" Life-insurance for over 60? Hi,just wondering if everyone outthere has a bit of good expierence for-life insurance more than 60 years old.I am a-64 yearold woman who wants anything for 15 years without preexisting medical conditions.There are a great number of outthere I recently dont know who I will trust.Thanks..." "Do I have to ensure my vehicle before obtaining a temporary enrollment?" Recently ordered a car that was used that DOES need emissions testing. In my own condition (CT) the DMV delivers 10-time temperature. Registration for vehicles that need testing Do before I'm going to not be ineligible for the 10, I should insure this vehicle -time registration? I'd choose not to ensure a-car that'll not pass wastes since I will not be able to drive it, and I refuse to delay in-line in the DMV for hours only for responses with this inquiries (their website presented very few essentials)" "Who has the motor insurance that is most lax? Spouse has factors on his certificate from speeding, require cheap coverage.?" That has one of the car insurance that is most lenient? Partner has things on his permit from speeding, require coverage. that is cheap?" Insurance price for adolescents? What is the common insurance cost for adolescents? Around how much is auto insurance for a peugeot?? please help, i only need around" Outdated insurance vs new insurance? In take up a new insurance coverage in a different firm on the same evening you are suppose to start the previous business do you still must spend them or perhaps release Car insurance problem? I quit my work and was woundering if it is feasible to stop my car insurance when i get another job and btw i got state farm and acquire it back Most suitable choice for obtaining insurance for my 8 yr-old child? I'm attempting to acquire insurance for my child. His old program no further covers him and that I would like to get it ASAP. I have been considering EHealth online companies, with no corporation/ party protection being an alternative. It can be just a little confusing on only precisely which will be the proper package. Our kid it has no problems that are active and is never sick, but with all the sport; I simply do not want to be facing no insurance and a damaged knee. I might some advise below. I've all-but pulled the trigger on a offer I found through Humana (I do believe) on the e-health site but I just would really like a nonbias belief first. Cheers" Are You Aware Any Inexpensive NYC/NJ Dental/Medical Insurance Ideas? I will be no longer covered by my dad's company insurance plan like a dependent. I need to locate some type of dental healthinsurance of my own. My position can be as follows: I livein NYC My parents are now living in NJ I am self employed out-of MD My father claims me being an influenced by his taxes I am presently a part-time student...and will be the full-time student in Fall 2008. What can I actually do with this make something happen? :-) Insurance on the cbr 600rr for a 20 year old in Florida? Ive had my typical license (California) for three years and only got my motorcycle permit. 'm thinking of buying an activity bike, a block bike specially. I've viewed all of the fantastic cycles from 250 to 1000 and I plan on obtaining a 600 since I've been riding dirtbikes since I could walk so I realize I'd get bored of a 250 but at the same moment I realize I'd kill myself on a 1000. I've a clear driving record regardless of one speeding citation(was not also racing terribly) plus a pair parking tickets. What exactly I am eventually trying to figure out is what the cost of my insurance will be and what insurer could provide me the most effective protection on my bike. I am aware I plan since it is cheaper on receiving responsibility but any and all awareness or cases wouldbe very useful. *people on google love to dislike on inquiries, so if youare some of those poeple, don't even comment. I discover how bicycles work and I've ridden them before require advice on insurance. Thank you!!" What is the insurance expense that is common likely to be for me? (motorcycle)? 18-19 year old Air Force female driving a low-power motorcycle in Florida. No previous driving passes or incidents. What can affect my charge? "What's the best first auto with inexpensive insurance and inexpensive automobile 000 in the UK please, with budget of just one? - has to be a hatchback - 5-door- favored - path duty & Insurance - Around 50-mpg - my closest friend, and my boyfriend at 18's era. Can anybody tell me exactly what the costs might range for about? We wish-- A two-bedroom condo. (Not specifically


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