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Good black uniformity performance. Some very minor irregularities in the darker red band but nothing that can be seen in regular content. Fine level of colors overall. Like other Samsung TVs, calibration went smoothly and helped reduce both white balance and color dE to a very low level.

The Samsung KS9000 can cash loans a great picture even with cash loans resolution content like DVDs or SD channels. Blu-rays and other 1080p content looks very good once upscaled. No details is lost and the final image looks very good. Good coverage of colors in DCI P3 and fair score for the Rec 2020 colorspace. This TV is able to produce very deep colors and HDR content benefit from this.

The KS9000 has a similar color volume to Samsung's top 2016 models. It can produce very bright saturated colors but performs worse than some other TVs in dark scenes. The screen of the KS9000 does reflect lights but less than most other TVs. Even in a bright room the picture of the KS9000 stays visible. Good motion performance on payday advance the Samsung KS9000.

Blur isn't a real issue even on fast action plays. Movies played from any source appear smooth. The KS9000 is able to interpolate content up to the native refresh rate of 120 Hz. There are TVs with faster response payday advance time but there is no big issues with how the KS9000 handles motion. Not much blur can be seen in fast action scenes. In the picture, only a faint trail is following the moving logo. No special settings needed to remove judder from 24p sources although to get the same result on 60i and 60p content, 'Auto Motion Plus' has to be set to 'Custom' with both sliders set to 0.

This doesn't add the soap opera effect. Motion Interpolation can be activated with the 'Auto Motion Plus' setting.

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