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During the preliminary study

During the preliminary study

According on the marketing approach (Kotler in addition to Armstrong 2004), it is important for your planning connected with the services to get supplied by the marina (as well as by another organization) – to start off with a knowledge of typically the needs and desires of the marketplace. In this kind of way, it will become possible to supply the wants of the target market in some sort of manner that will meet this.In the course of the course of this preliminary review (Raviv, 2001), which examined customer total satisfaction with the services on the marinas in Israel, owners of sailing vessels have been expected about the mixture of services supplied with the marina. Using a new factor analysis, we found six to eight factors that describe 69 percent of typically the dissimilarities of all the objects that will comprised this set of questions (see Appendix Some sort of for the particular detailed results of often the factor analysis). The components were:Safety and professionalism, value of parking, cost of associate club, ecological protection plus sanitation, crowding, ease of gain access to, together with use of information.The primary factor, safety and professionalism and reliability, was composed of typically the adhering to products in the particular questionnaire: Professionalism of flotta employees, know-how of costa employees, service shown by way of employees, safe practices of yacht club as some sort of place to leave boats, protection involving m


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