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Almost everything in his life is definitely a forgery, including his / her family tree

Almost everything in his life is definitely a forgery, including his / her family tree

If there is usually a fatality in that, there is the disposition involving symbolist episode to expose some best secret. Want is impelled by this promise of a concept to the mystery, typically the unavoidable revelation behind this door using the hole. Nonetheless the nothing which is not necessarily there suggests the particular nothing that is, and that will the solution is anywhere else, not-seen, otherworldly—unless that be, as in often the hermeneutics of Freud, that will wherever the images lead many people disappear at some atascamiento in to the dream's navel, and even thence through the mycelium (the word is Freud's, but there are mushroom growths in Strindberg) with its filamenting nerve finishes connected with thought. Which is the particular interpretation, deferred and impelled by multiplicity, as rich, perhaps, as the soul-complex. Ahead of door is ultimately launched, the Officer needs a locksmith, although as a substitute is it doesn't Glazier who becomes up, for that system along with its symbols is definitely as well scopophilic: what is recommended is not a main but the seer, the irony being that perception is consummated—as in often the restored mystery of Artaud's alchemical theater—in and by way of its sonorous substance, the particular undressed streaming realization. Exactly what we discover and precisely how we see it, along with seeing collapsing upon itself, as in a home of reflectors, is truly the material of the fact that other Strindbergian episo


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