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There is also the raw self proof of the play on words

There is also the raw self proof of the play on words

WHAT We WILL BE TELLING about A Wish Have fun with is not necessarily like we've seen it here, 1 but as I have pondered it before, inside the mind's eye, using some regret that will, nevertheless I'd long been enticed to stage it, for one reason or other—perhaps the preventing prospect—I in no way came to perform the idea. That that is getting awareness today, and not necessarily solely in this case, may be telling us something, although as having their Swedenborgian intimations, triplex naturel, occulted symbols, this “round bored holes and even a clover leaf in the doorway, ”2 the particular visual warp in the shown refractions or, with selected shifts and reversals involving eye-sight, recessions regarding appearance in a sort of camera obscura—the dark photograph of your cloud muting the darkish picture of a new tower—we may not get sure what it is definitely. As well as, maybe, appallingly, merely also sure, so substantially so that a few clairvoyant level we may possibly want we didn't know, like the Quarantine Master with the Dire Straits who hopes he could forget (238). In case, for Strindberg, what there seemed to be to be recognized came in some estimate from the vicissitudes on the unconscious, with the libidinal information transformed into phallic aconites together with vulvous grottos, or the body organ getting Fingal's Cave, there can be also the raw self-evidence, the banality, violence, inequitably unchangeable, implacable state associated with things, assail


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