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This prologue to A Dream Take up about the soul

This prologue to A Dream Take up about the soul

If it seems unusual to be able to substitute that theological word soul for personality throughout the materialist economy involving naturalistic drama, there can be other anomalies as Strindberg works out the visual for the atomized heart of a hysterical era, soon before Freud in addition to Breuer began their known reports of hysteria. To get instance, there may be some sort of passing in the preface where, observing that people have been increasingly interested in “psychological method, ” Strindberg—whose unique works on psychology got been called Vivisections—goes in to sound, within the demystifying mode, less like Sigmund Freud and more just like Bertolt Brecht. “ brother , ” he claims, “are not necessarily satisfied just simply to find something happen; we want to understand how this happened. We need to view the strings, often the machinery, take a look at the double-bottomed box, find themselves seam within the magic ring, appearance at the cards in order to see that they are marked” (57). But a minute after insisting that theatricality reveal itself, the apparatus of production become open, and presumably impression using it, Strindberg publishes articles concerning “the technical facets of make up, ” that he has experimented in Miss Jules “with eliminating act partitions. ” Why? To protect, similar to Nietzsche, the potential future of illusion. Or perhaps, since S


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