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There is also the raw self proof of the play on words

There is also the raw self proof of the play on words

WHAT My partner and i WILL BE SAYING about A Desire Take up is not necessarily because we've seen it below, 1 but as We have contemplated it before, in the mind's eye, along with some regret that will, nevertheless I'd long been attracted to stage it, for one reason or other—perhaps the forbidding prospect—I never ever came to help do this. That it is getting interest today, and not just here, may be telling us all something, although as together with it is Swedenborgian intimations, triplex nues, occulted symbols, typically the “round bored holes together with a clover leaf in the entrance, ”2 the visual warp in the shown refractions or, along with specific shifts and reversals connected with eye-sight, recessions of overall look in a sort of video camera obscura—the dark graphic of the cloud muting this dim picture of a good tower—we may not turn out to be sure what it can be. Or perhaps, maybe, appallingly, just also sure, so quite a bit so that a few psychic level we may well hope we didn't understand, such as the Quarantine Master with the Dire Straits who wants he could forget (238). In case, for Strindberg, just what there was clearly to be recognized came in many strategy from the vicissitudes on the unconscious, with the libidinal articles transformed into phallic aconites plus vulvous grottos, or a good organ turning out to be Fingal's Give, there can be also the raw self-evidence, the banality, brutality, inequitably unchangeable, implacable state of things, assail


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